UKIP PCC Election De-Brief

Diane James 1

I’ve just returned from a 2016 PCC election debrief with several of the other UKIP PCC candidates in London.

The meeting was chaired in a very business-like, but collegiate manner by UKIP leadership candidate, Diane James.

A lot of information was exchanged and views aired, which would be far too much for me to detail here. I’ll leave that to official channels. All I will say is that we are very positive about the future and agreed that we must start planning for the 2020 PCC campaign (as well as other elections) right now, firstly by not waiting until the starting gun is fired to try and drum up candidates.

Of course, beer and lunch followed before the long train trek home.

I got home to find my UKIP leadership election ballot paper in my letter box, so I’ve put a cross in the Diane James box and put it straight back in the post box!

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Lester Taylor
Lester Taylor
Lester 'Jeff' Taylor is ex-military, a member of UKIP and a Shaftesbury Town Councillor.