UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten, Visits North Dorset

Gerard Batten (LGT-1)
Gerard Batten (LGT-1)

Super Successful UKIP Barbecue!

Last Saturday the 1st September 2018, the North Dorset branch of UKIP held its annual summer garden party.

And here is a video of us setting the event up the day before:

The event was once again hosted by Bill & Ann Woodhouse at their lovely home, the Old Rectory in the picturesque village of Mappowder.

Mappowder 4

The beautiful setting was complemented by perfect weather for an afternoon Dorset barbecue.

Apart from the food and drink there was also an impressive collection of classic cars on show that some of the guests had brought along for the occasion, as well as great musical entertainment provided by our party treasurer Charles Upton on guitar and his wife Sammy on vocals – we even had an impressive impromptu performance of ‘Stand By Me’ from guest Kay Thorpeedo.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the 135 guests that attended and especially to our guest of honour, the party leader, Gerard Batten, accompanied by his lovely wife Lina who made the long journey from London to be with us for the day. We were also honoured to have the South West England UKIP MEP Julia Reid and UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten in attendance.

In Reverese Order (or order of importance):

Gerard Batten speech:

David Kurten speech:

My Speech:

Gerard Batten and David Kurten responded to calls for a speech and showed just how important and relevant the UK Independence Party still is as a political force.

David brought home how dire the threat from Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness as it is more widely known, is in the UK today and how damaging it already has been and how it threatens our future.

Gerard explained what he is doing to rebuild the party and how its future and credibility are already assured due to the response of the party members to his call for funds. He also showed that he is the leader we need – the right man in the right place at the right time. His calm, knowledgeable and direct approach is already proving to be a thorn in the side of not only our political adversaries but also to the anti-Brexit establishment as a whole. We are eternally grateful to him for stepping forward and grasping the thorny challenge and hope he stands for re-election when his self-imposed one year term comes to an end next Spring; as we’d love to see him here again next year as our leader!

Our gratitude goes to our hosts Bill & Ann as well as the many volunteers who worked hard in the background for many days on setting up the grounds and getting the food and drink ready to ensure the event was a roaring success.

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