Downing Street (PD)

Do You Trust the Tories?

Over the next few weeks the Tory party membership will be choosing the next prime minister of the UK, during what is arguably the most turbulent period in British history for decades.

Jeff Taylor 6-7-16

Brexit: The Majority Speaks

The longer this post Brexit void is dragged out by hardened Remainiacs, the more worried I become as, day by day, UK democracy moves further up the critical list towards its demise (video).

Voting 2

Opening of Postal Votes

As the UKIP Referendum Agent for North Dorset I attended the opening of the latest batch of postal votes this morning.

Brexit and Immigration

Post Brexit Immigration

During the EU referendum campaign some people have claimed that, should the UK vote to leave the EU, there would be a mass movement of desperate immigrants


EU Referendum FAQ and Answers

Here are 33 of the most frequently asked questions about the EU referendum and ‘Brexit‘, all answered by UKIP MEP Gerard Batten: