Save Shaftesbury Hospital Beds From Closure

Westminster Memorial Hospital

Save Our Beds! Please don’t let them close yet more hospital beds! You may need one in the future!

I made a video in October last year highlighting the proposals to close the beds in the Westminster Memorial Hospital in Shaftesbury (see below) to make it into a ‘hub without beds‘.

We are now well into the Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) consultation phase, where you can help save these beds for the many potential patients from across Dorset and Wiltshire!

Shaftesbury Town Council has set up a working group, of which I am a member, under the chairmanship of my fellow councillor, the very capable Anthony Austin, who is working hard to pull together the campaign to save the beds.

Another extremely central person is Julian Prichard, who is running the “Save Our Beds!” campaign, which is working in tandem with the Town Council Working Group.

We have already been alerting the people in and around Shaftesbury to the very real risk that these beds could be lost, but we do need help to spread the message.

The important bit is that we need as many people as possible to complete the consultation questionnaire, BUT the right box needs to be filled in with REASONS as to why the “medical and clinical beds” should remain operational. Without these the CCG will have no evidence to back up any call to keep the beds – the ball is in our court to make the case! And that case can only be made by people like you completing the questionnaire.

There are of course many reasons to keep the beds such as the lack of public transport for relatives to visit when patients are sent far and wide. Or that the use of medical and clinical beds in Shaftesbury Hospital frees up the more expensive and healthcare worker intensive acute beds in central hospitals. It is also surely better to have all patients who require beds to be together where the medical staff are, rather than having the doctors and nurses travelling from care home to care home, which is one of the proposals on the table.

This should concern all residents who fall within the catchment area of the Westminster Memorial Hospital and I urge you to please complete the questionnaire. And just as important, tell your relatives, friends and neighbours too – spread the message!

For more information on Save Our Beds!:

Telephone – 01747 300123

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You can obtain a questionnaire by:

Contacting Save Our Beds!

Telephoning the Dorset CCG – 01202 541 946

E-Mailing the Dorset CCG –

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Lester Taylor
Lester Taylor
Lester 'Jeff' Taylor is ex-military, a member of UKIP and a Shaftesbury Town Councillor.