Salisbury Street Open Space in Shaftesbury

Open Space Shaftesbury Salisbury Street


As you enter the town of Shaftesbury along Salisbury Street there is a small patch of open space that takes you into St Martin’s Lane.

Although not a large area of land, it does make a welcome visual and natural break in the row of houses.

The Town Council is now hoping that this area will be passed across to it as part of the new rural Dorset unitary authority reconfiguration.

As you can see, it already brightens the life of those that live in Shaftesbury and I look forward to the Town Council making as much of it as possible for the townsfolk.

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About the Author

Lester Taylor
Lester Taylor
Lester 'Jeff' Taylor is ex-military, a member of UKIP and a Shaftesbury Town Councillor.