Rumours of a Dorset Super-Council

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Attending our Town Council Annual Meeting tonight one of the speakers, a Dorset District Councillor, said that talk had now moved on from two unitary authorities for Dorset to a single county-wide ‘super-council’.

Where this comes from is anyone’s guess, but all I know is that as far as I am concerned, there is no mandate for such a huge change in our local government structure (not that there was a mandate for any other change for that matter).

There has been no referendum on the matter and the recent public consultation on the topic of unitaries specifically ruled out the whole of Dorset as one council option.

I believe that to impose this change on the people of Dorset would be a very large step too far and it should be resisted at all costs!

Watch this space for more info as it appears.

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Lester Taylor
Lester Taylor
Lester 'Jeff' Taylor is ex-military, a member of UKIP and a Shaftesbury Town Councillor.

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  1. John Baxter | May 17, 2017 at 12:49 am |

    This is something I have said would happen eventually. Just been brought forward sooner than I thought, due to the referendum result. With Brexit looming the EU bureaucrats are getting in a panic and rushing through all the regionalisation measures they can. It would be unpopular and expensive, if not impossible, to reverse these power grabs which are designed to remove all power from Westminster and give it to senior civil servants who do what they are told by their EU masters. Don’t forget these senior bureaucrats have offices in Brussels. The EU is still here and ruling us as before. What sort of Brexit will we get?

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