Labour has learnt nothing since the Referendum

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UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said: “Mrs May doesn’t have much of Brexit plan to start with but Labour’s plans are even worse than hers.

“Mrs May intends to fudge exit so we leave in name but not in reality, Labour’s plan is to not even pretend to have left. Under their plans, we might as well not even bother. This is as near as you can get to staying in without remaining within the EU.
“Their fixation on going back and back to Parliament is merely cover for a desire to block Brexit and at best will hearten the EU to play the hardest ball possible during the next two years of negotiations.
“UKIP is the only party with a policy for leaving the EU quickly, cleanly and completely. Brexit must mean Exit.”
UKIP Brexit Spokesman Gerard Batten MEP said, “With this speech the Labour Party has forfeited the right to speak on behalf of the ordinary working men and women of this country.
“Its first thought on Brexit is not to ensure the interests of the people of Britain, but to ensure the interests of foreign nationals. This is a direct and personal slap in the face for millions of people in this country who have traditionally looked to Labour for leadership, support and protection. While we would guarantee that those already here would maintain their rights and have been appalled at the way that they and British nationals abroad are used as pawns in negotiations, it is imperative we as a country prioritise the interests of British citizens.
“Labour, however, just will not do this. The mask has slipped, they just couldn’t give a damn.
“It couldn’t give a damn about British workers whose wages have been depressed by mass migration.
“It couldn’t give a damn about British families whose rents have shot up due to overpopulation.
“It couldn’t give a damn about British children whose schools are overcrowded.
“It couldn’t give a damn about British pensioners who cannot get the services they need to have the dignified retirement they deserve.
“It’s obvious from this so -called plan scratched out on a beer mat that they have no understanding of, or sympathy for the settled will of the British people.
“It’s clear that after today that there can be no mistaking it, the only party that holds the interests of this country close to its heart is UKIP.”

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Lester Taylor
Lester Taylor
Lester 'Jeff' Taylor is ex-military, a member of UKIP and a Shaftesbury Town Councillor.